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Long Term Development

Unlocking the potential for superior athletic performance

Unlocking the potential for superior athletic performance, optimal health, and remarkable accomplishments lies in following a well-defined path. It is crucial for children, youth, and adults to engage in appropriate activities at the right moments in order to flourish in their chosen sport or activity, be it hockey, dance, figure skating, or gymnastics. The concept of Long-Term Development (LTD) outlines the specific actions and milestones that athletes should undertake at various ages and stages of their journey.

Physical activity and sports continue to be influential catalysts for the growth of individuals and society at large. The advantages of physical activity, manifested through various forms such as structured and unstructured sports, recreational activities, active lifestyle, and play, are universally acknowledged for their crucial role in promoting health and well-being. However, their significant contribution to holistic human development and socio-economic improvement is often undervalued or overlooked.

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